A standing long-haired dogUseful links

Our Facebook Group

We have a Facebook group where members can communicate and share photos of their dogs and club events.

The Kennel Club

In addition to the Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme the Kennel Club have a very wide-ranging portfolio of services and activities. We are acredited by the Kennel Club as a training and examination body under this scheme.

The Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour

The ADTB provide training courses and assessments for dog trainers and behaviourists. The courses are presented online but require practical hands-on experience. Trainers also have to pass a separate practical assessment to become ADTB acredited.

Obedience UK

The website of the UK Competitive Obedience organisation, with links to other training clubs and a forum for traiining and obedience advice.

Martin Hobby

Martin Hobby LBIPP is an award winning portrait photographer based in Dartford. He has over 10 years experience of photographing pets and is highly regarded by BDTC members for the portraits he has taken of our dogs. He is also available for Weddings, Portraits, events and PR photography.

Cobbydog dog food

Cobbydog has a history of providing sponsorship and support to worthy causes. It is important to them, as a family owned business, to give something back to all their customers and supporters, and they take great pride in sponsoring charitable companion dog shows and events up and down the country.